HedgeHog 4

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Code Name Image Price  
61080010 Dust Cover, HedgeHog 4   $68.20
90306208EF Display / Touchscreen 12.1", HedgeHog 4   $1,615.14
90409559EF Harness, Display Cable, Hedgehog   $60.10
99070032EF Power Supply, 270W, Hedgehog   $202.40
80030127EF PCB, DMX Output 1 (programmed for specific output)   $258.20
80030128EF PCB, DMX Output 2 (programmed for specific output)   $248.40
90405328EF Button, Standard, Wings   $1.70
90405344EF Fader, HedgeHog/Hoglet   $7.60
A2080002 Desklight, Road Hog3/Fullboar3/Hedgehog   $68.50
B372714 Encoder, Full Boar 4   $92.40