Color Command

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Code Name Image Price  
80010184 PCB, Color Command Logic C II   $157.50
UP90039 Motor, Stepper, Assy, CCMD   $29.30
UP90050 Shield, Motor CCMD   $18.40
UP90052 Shaft,Tilt Left CC   $6.50
UP90063 Knob, Color Command   $3.80
UP90064 Socket, Lamp w/Wire,CCMD   $70.00
UP90065 Harness, Motor, CC   $84.00
UP90068LP Fan, ASM Color Command   $26.50
UP90069 Retaining ring, Color Command   $1.00
UP90304 Lens, Front, AM, Color Command   $93.80
UP90068 Fan, ASM Color Command   $24.90