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Code Name Image Price  
21040001 Reflector, Axial, AF1000/DF..** Limited Qty Available **   $73.30
21040002 Reflector, AF1000 Horizontal   $107.50
55030038 Lamp, S01 DF, AF1000 Lamp, S01 DF, AF1000 $57.80
55030042-LP Lamp, HO1 High Output, AF1000- LightParts   $154.40
80040028 PCB, Sensor, AF1000   $35.20
80070274 Yoke, AF1000   $39.10
80100020 PCB, AF1000 main board   $572.10
90409024LP Cable, safety w/ clip   $6.50
90705011U T Handle, TS, TB, DF, AF1000 *USED*   $4.00
90706013 Washer, Rubber DF-VIP 1in ODX, .35 in   $1.20
90709078 Screw, #8 x 3/8 Phil Pan B type SS   $1.20