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Code Name Image Price  
11020087-RB Holder, Exchange Prism   $46.03
13010098-RB Transformer, Main, Robe 250   $203.00
13030019-RB PCB, MAG-6 Version "A"   $9.80
13030049-RB PCB, CNG-4 Version "F"   $8.37
13030114-RB PCB, Main 575 XT Spot   $475.91
13030125-RB PCB, Main, Spot 250 XT, Robe   $295.00
13030177-RB PCB, EZ1042 (Without PIC)   $120.72
13030189-RB PCB, Main EZ1202 (without PIC)   $256.44
13040421-RB IC, PIC 17C43   $36.96
13040776-RB IC, PIC 18C242 CS 250 AT, IC1 B   $36.75
13040777-RB IC, PIC 18C242 CS 250 AT, IC2 B   $36.75
13040778-RB Alt Part# 13040834-RB   $36.75
13040779-RB IC, PIC 18C242 CS 250 AT IC1L   $36.75
13040780-RB IC PIC 18C242 CS 250 AT IC1 R   $36.75
13040810-RB IC, PIC 18C242 CS 250 AT IC4B   $11.32
13040834-RB IC PIC 18C242 CS 250 AT IC3 B   $36.75
13040869-RB IC EPROM 24C64 CS 575 AT V 1.0/IC4 B   $15.11
13040983-RB IC, PIC 18F242 CW 250 at, IC1L   $47.35
13040984-RB IC PIC 18F242 CW 250 AT IC1 R   $47.35
13050032-RB Ignitor, MSR 400/1200w, Type 208   $91.77
13050047-RB Switch, Main 250V/10Hz   $14.84
13050294-RB Igniter NI200S BAG   $40.00
14020011-RB Lens, ASPH D52 BSC TMP Antireflex   $74.91
14050010-RB Prism Lens, D47/3   $28.68
16010012-RB Motor, 03V, Dual Shaft   $35.52
16010013-RB Steppermotor 17PM-KO11-04V/ (1Axis)   $38.27
16030023-RB Fan, 50x50x15 12V, Color Spot 170 AT   $31.72
16030029-RB Fan. KDE 1204 PFV1.11 MS, AF 40x40   $11.10
16030036-RB Fan, KD1206PTBX   $21.89
17030040-RB Washer, Plastic 5.2   $0.38
17030183-RB Iris, 40mm C   $132.21
18010041-RB Screw, M5x10, Crosswise, Cup Head   $0.11
19010097-RB Arm Cover, Robe 250   $41.88
19010098-RB Cover, Head, Robe 250   $41.88
19010131-RB Cover, Head B (Fan Side), Silver   $92.67
19010314-RB Cover, Lens, Top Hat, Robin 300E beam   $21.16
99010677-RB Cover, Head w/DZUS, Robe 250   $49.43
99012660-RB Lens, Robin 300E beam   $147.30