Lamp, LightParts LP700 SA (VL2000, VL2500, SBeam): LightParts
Lamp, LightParts LP700 SA (VL2000, VL2500, SBeam)

Lamp, LightParts LP700 SA (VL2000, VL2500, SBeam)

Code: LP700SA



Product Description

LightParts LP700/SA single ended metal halide lamp 

Equivalent to Philips 28712-8 MSR 700 SA  - GY9.5 base type

Used in: 

High End Systems Studio Beam, x.Spot, Studio Command 700

Vari Lite VL2000 Spot, VL2000 Wash, VL2500 Spot, VL2500 Wash, Vari Lite VL2202, Vari Lite 2402 

Coemar CF 7,

Griven Acrobat PE 700 

Over the past few years, we've noticed a decline in quality in some of the metal halide lamps available in the marketplace. LightParts is committed to addressing this issue with our own line of metal halide lamps. The project was spearheaded LightParts' El Presidente Don Pugh. Don possesses a vast knowledge of metal halide lamps - he was 'the lamp guy' at High End Systems for many years. We obtained samples from several manufacturers for evaluation. Don selected the best manufacturer, made suggestions for improvements, and then tested those changes. This process yielded a range of metal halide lamps that meet or exceed the quality of the lamps of the past. 

LightParts believes 'you don't get what you expect, you get what WE inspect'. Every LightParts lamp is inspected for quality before shipping.  The net result is a range of professional quality metal halide lamps at prices somewhere between 'cheap import lamps' and the old standby brands. We believe that once you experience the quality of the lamps, you'll agree they are top quality and a great value.