VL6000 Beam

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Code Name Image Price  
10.9708.0641 Air Diverter, VL6000   $16.40
41.9708.0490.13 Filter, Magenta, VL6000   $84.50
41.9708.0490.14 Filter, Green, VL6000   $66.70
41.9708.0490.16 Filter, Blue, VL6000   $66.70
42.9708.1150 Reflector, Smooth, VL6000   $146.80
69.9708.1500 Ballast, VL6000/6500   $806.40
S22.9708.1414 ASM, Dimmer Wheel, Quartz, VL6000/6500   $1,090.00
S24.9708.0900CC PCB, MCB VL6000/6500, Conformal Coated   $927.70