Full ETC Parts List

Code Name Image Price  
99290023 Gear, Aluminum Cyber Litho Upgrade   $64.00
7060A1033 Lamp Retainer Retrofit Kit (No Socket)   $12.50
7060A2008 Lamp burner assy, rated up to 750W, Black   $89.00
7060A3007 Light Baffle Casting   $7.10
7060A3012 Spring, lamp retainer   $0.70
7060A3079 Clip, gel retainer 90-degree bend   $1.30
7060A3096 10‽ Lens Tube, Black, Source 4   $136.50
7060A3171 Lens Tube, Right Casting, Black (rev. J begins 01/06 to present)   $31.70
7060A4007 Knob, XY, Lamp Set   $1.40
7060A4008-02 Knob, Z, Lamp Set w/ Female Insert   $1.20
7060A4008-1 Knob Set w/ Male Insert   $1.70
7060A4011 Bushing Cup   $0.70
7060A4015 Reflector, Molded Glass Coated   $66.55
7060A4037 Handle, Insulated Rear, Black   $12.30
7060A4046 Front lens Holder, 15-30‽   $5.80
7060A4050 Gear, Rack Front, 15-30‽   $7.20
7060B7007 4" Source Four Jr. ground wire assembly   $1.20
7060B7019 Source 4 Socket Assy w/Leads, W420 Wire, 16awg   $29.40
7061A2001 Base, Complete, 750w, Source 4 Par   $57.75
7061A3007 Color Frame   $9.50
7061A3013 S4 Par lens clip retainer   $1.20
7061A4002 Lens, Very Narrow Spot, S4 PAR   $14.20
7061A4005 Lens, Medium Flood, S4 PAR   $14.20
7061A4006 Lens, Wide Flood, S4 PAR   $14.20
7061A4012 S4 Par lens rotation ring, black   $12.40
7061A4014 Focus Knob Gear   $1.04
7061A4020 PARNel Lens Pads   $0.30
7062A4010 Reflector, ETC S4 Jr.   $67.60
7160B5621-CFG Slave Control Card, Source 4 Revolution   $278.50
7160B5622 PCB, Main Source 4 Revolution   $370.20
7461K1001 PSU, Lustr Series 2   $401.00
CB166 Breaker, 20 Amp   $25.50
CB184 Breaker, 10A   $25.50
CB293 Breaker, 208V   $67.50
HW2181 Screw, Self Tap,6-32 x 5/8, Black Zinc   $0.20
HW5123 Nut, Hex, 9/16-18, black zinc   $0.30
HW5125 Bolt, Carriage 5/16-18 x 3/4 LG   $0.40
HW5143 Washer, Flat Fiber   $0.30
HW5197 Screw, PH, 1/4-20 x 5/8", black zinc   $0.20
HW747 Washer, Wave   $0.50
HW749 Spring, Ground   $0.20
HW750 Spring, Retainer   $0.40
HW8144 Handle, Yoke, Knob, 5/16-15, Black   $2.20
P152-F Fader, Chanel Pot, SmartFade   $3.50
P153-F Fader, GM Pot   $4.50
PS372 Power Supply, External, 12VDC/1.25A W/Conn Lockn Out   $66.70
7060A2009 ETC C Clamp   $20.80
7060A2012 Shutter Barrel Assembly, Black   $423.40
7060A4008-01 Knob Set w/Male Insert   $1.80
7060A4033 19‽ Lens Tube Label, White Text   $0.50
7060A4034 26‽ Lens Tube Label, White Text   $0.50
7060A4035 36‽ Lens Tube Label, White Text   $0.50
7060A4036 50‽ Lens Tube Label, White Text   $0.50
7060K4002 Source 4 Yoke Replacement Kit   $16.00
7160A2012 Control Data Module Assy   $456.10
7160A2021 Lamp Burner Sub Assy   $47.10
7160B5619 RVLN Shutter Control 2LF Assy   $372.20
7160B5622-CFG MCC ASM Prog Loaded   $329.70
7160B5624 RVLN DMX Lead Free ASSY   $58.10
7410A4012 Display Window, D40/60, S4 LED Lustr   $1.00
7460A2002 Cover, Face Panel Assy, S4 LED Lustr   $39.20
DS183-F LCD 128x64 dot FSTN 12:00V 28p   $32.30
HW1169 Screw, 4-40 x 3/8 PH FH MS UC BZ   $0.30
HW1184 Screw, 4-40 x 1/4 PH MS SEMS BZ   $0.30
HW4210 Screw, 4mm Hex Head   $0.30
HW5832 Screw, 1/4-20x5/8 Ph Ph MS BZ   $0.30
HW9349 Belt, 251T 3/16" W .080P   $9.10
HWM2108 Screw, M3 x 10mm PH FH MS BZ   $0.30
RT174 Lamp, QXL 750W 7V 300HR   $52.50
RT175 Lamp, QXL 750W 77V 1500HR   $57.80
4110A4036 Knob, Slide Pot, Small   $0.60
4110K4001 Small Fader Knob, 10 pc Set   $4.70
4320K4001 Rotary Knob, Set, Congo Jr/Element   $15.10
4330B5603 Fade Mode Switch Body   $22.00
7060A2003-K FG, 26‽ Lens Tube, w/Lens Installed, Black   $217.40
7060A2004-K FG, 36‽ Lens Tube, w/Lens Installed, Black   $217.40
7060A2005-K FG, 50‽ Lens Tube w/Lens Installed, Black   $305.00
7060A2046 FG, ETC 19‽ EDLT Lens Tube, Blk   $314.30
7060A3043 Gel Frame, 6.25", Black   $7.10
7060K1025 Yoke Knob Hardware Kit, Blk, S4 LED   $2.50
7061A1042 Lens, Extra Wide Flood, Source 4 PAR   $23.70
7062A1009 FG, Source Four Jr. 25‽-50‽ Zoom, Black   $430.00
7063A1043 FG, Source 4 Mini LED, 50‽, Black   $415.80
7063A2002-5 Lens Tube, 19 Deg Silver, Source 4 Mini   $75.60
7067A1100 FG, Source 4WRD LED Retrofit Kit, Black   $579.60
7083A1085 FG, R20-Dual 20A120V Relay Module   $496.20
7410K1012 FG, ETC D40/CSPAR Medium Round diffuser in frame, black   $42.80
7410K1013 D40 Wide Round Diffuser in Frame, Black   $33.10
7410K1015 D40 Medium Oval Diffuser in Frame, Black   $33.10
7410K4001 Power Supply Kit, D40/D60   $410.00
7412A1005 FG, ETC ColorSource PAR, XLR, Black   $988.00
7460A1061U FG, Source 4 LED, Series 1, Tungsten w/Shutter Barrel, Blk *USED* FG, Source 4 LED, Series 1, Tungsten  w/Shutter Barrel, Blk *USED* $931.40
7460A2005 Source 4 LED Main Housing Rivet Assy   $70.00
7460A3011 Yoke, Blk, S4 LED   $12.78
7461A1051 FG, Source 4 LED Series 2, Lustr, Black   $2,236.50
7461A1061U FG, Source 4 LED, SERIES 2, Tungsten w/Shutter Barrel, Blk *USED*   $1,063.20
HW8369 Fade Mode Switch, Congo Jr 15mm Collect Knob LF   $13.60
HW8370 Fader Mode Switch Knob - Congo Jr BLK CODED CAP LF   $1.50
J210 Stage Pin 20A Flush F   $28.40
P120 Submaster Pot, SLIDE 10K 60mm DUAL LP ALPS   $4.00
P146 Master Fader, Expression 3   $24.50
PS319 Power Supply 8 Pin, Express 125/250   $138.60
Q142 SCR Block 20A Dual W/Sensors   $137.20