In addition to entire fixture or console repair and refurbishment, LightParts performs manufacturer level PC board repair. By offering fast turnaround and fair prices, this valuable repair service has become very popular with many lighting rental companies coast to coast.

We also offer same day service on PC boards. The charge for this service is $50 per board in addition to the repair.

Before you give up on that logic board or power supply, give us a call or email!

LightParts' base shop rate for repair is $95 per hour + parts and return freight.

If no problems are found with you fixture or board, the fixture or board is D.O.A., or you choose not to proceed with repairs, your credit card will be charged a $50.00 Evaluation Fee (per item for PCBs) and $95.00 for Fixtures and Consoles + return shipping costs.

On circuit board repairs, if the customer chooses to buy a new replacement board from LightParts, the evaluation fee is waived.

LightParts warrantys all repairs for 90 days on the part(s) that we repaired. For example, if we repaired the lamp power supply in your Studio Color and the logic board fails 60 days later, that is not a warranty claim.


Here's the procedure for sending your item for repair to LightParts:


  1. Click Here to Request Authorization (RMA) number prior to shipment.


    We get a lot of gear in for repair, and it's impossible for us to track your unit through the repair process without an RA number.
  2. Ship the unit(s) for repair freight prepaid, along with a note attached to each unit describing the problem(s) with that unit, to the following address:

    LightParts™, Inc.

    Attn: RA ####

    2507 West Howard Lane

    Austin, Texas USA 78728-7102

  3. Concerning shipping:

  4. PLEASE use factory packing or a road case if at all possible when shipping items for repair to LightParts. In the event of freight damage, having the unit in proper packing is vital to actually getting paid on a freight damage claim. If you don't have factory packing and are determined to "do it yourself", feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to advise how to properly package your item.
  5. Upon occasion, we will receive a product so poorly packed that LightParts reserves the right to re-package your product properly for the return shipment, and charge the customer for the service. Otherwise we can be held liable for inproper packing on the return shipment. The best way to avoid this hassle and additional cost is to ship the unit in a factory carton or a road case.
  6. If it is determined during the evaluation process that the cost of repair will exceed half of the replacement value, we will contact you for approval before proceeding.
  7. Once the repairs are complete, the gear is reboxed and we have a repair total including freight, we'll then contact you for credit card information for payment. Once the credit card transaction is complete, we'll send your unit back via Fed Ex in most cases.

If you would like to discuss your specific service needs, please don't hesitate to contact us today - operators are standing by!

Concerning Purchasing Parts:

Expected Shipping Date: If your order is not in stock, we'll provide you with an expected shipping date whenever possible. This is the best information we have of when you can expect your order to leave the warehouse. Allow additional time for delivery to your location. Please note: These dates are sometimes only estimates provided to us by our suppliers and may occasionally change.